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Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy Helped Steve Weatherford Stay in NFL So Long

Physical Therapy Helped Steve WeatherfordSteve Weatherford is known for his tremendous physique, something he demonstrated all through his NFL career as a New York Jets and New York Giants punter as well as during his stints with previous teams. Off the field too, through his talk shows and other activities, he has been promoting the active, healthy lifestyle. His exploits at the gym are well known, and he’s always been athletically gifted not just in football but also in track & field in his high school and college years.

Fitness Extraordinaire with Gym and Chiropractic Care

Fitness has been Steve’s number one priority ever since he wasn’t satisfied in being just athletic and agile in his late childhood. He wanted to be big, and that realization at the age of 13 was the start of his amazing fitness journey. But that journey did come with its setbacks. By overdoing in the weight room, he began suffering from back pain. Enter chiropractic care. Chiropractic manipulation helps balance the body and makes you feel better. And Weatherford credits the care provided by the chiropractor for his successful transformation from 108 pounds in his teenage years to 225 pounds by his graduation.

In December 2011, Men’s Fitness magazine reported that Weatherford could squat 475 pounds and also bench press nearly 400 pounds! His New York Giants teammates called him the team’s “strongest player pound-for-pound”.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

This Super Bowl Champion has reached the heights of success and was kept in the league for so long thanks to his fitness, strength and abilities. Through that journey, there were hours and hours spent at the gym, sleeping in hyperbaric chambers, and living the active life. When an injury or health setback strikes, physical therapy, along with chiropractic care, helps to get the athlete back to full performance in the healthiest and fastest manner. Physical therapy is part of Steve’s regular fitness program with a stability training tool. It’s helped him have a stellar career in the NFL.

Weatherford also believes chiropractic care in indispensable for athletes of the NFL. And NFL teams agree too. Each team has a range of medical professionals onboard and the chiropractor is an important member of the staff. That’s because chiropractic helps not only after the injury, but also contributes to preventing it. All through his fitness and sporting life, Weatherford has relied on chiropractic care for injury prevention.

Minor Health Setback

Weatherford couldn’t play his first game with the New York Jets in September 2009 because of a genetic condition that caused him to have irregular heartbeat. Medication helped control the condition, but in March 2010 he had to undergo cardiac ablation to set it right. He fully recovered, and that year he kicked 42 punts to tie the record for the most punts within the 20-yard line in one season.

NFL is a league whose athletes are no strangers to injuries. While power exercises at the gym contribute to overall fitness, physical therapy at an advanced rehabilitation and pain management center can ensure faster recovery in case of an injury.

Advanced physical therapy centers in Brooklyn, New York City offer comprehensive rehabilitation, chiropractic care, and pain management programs for athletes, along with physical therapy.

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