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Custom Foot Orthotics with a Computerized Foot Report

Foot OrthoticsHealthQuest offers Foot Levelers orthotics in Brooklyn, New York City. Our computerized foot report of your feet helps design the orthotic sole that is perfect for you in terms of maintaining overall body posture, which will contribute to comfort and health.

Customized Orthotics Helps Prevent Several Ailments

As you get older, you need to pay more attention to the health of your feet and ankles. Ignoring problems related to the feet and ankles can affect mobility and prevent you from carrying out even routine tasks such as driving a car or going for a walk. In spite of the feet and ankles being so critical to our well-being, we tend to ignore ailments related to these areas. In most cases, care is sought too late.

Get Care at the Right Time

Some of the conditions that get frequently ignored are plantar fasciitis, flat feet or fallen arches, Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, and bunions. Most of these conditions involve ligament and tendon damage or inflammation which, left unchecked, could not only cause chronic pain, but also result in arthritis. While there are treatment options for these conditions depending on their severity and state of progression, prevention is better than cure. Part of the prevention involves wearing shoes that are specially designed to support the feet and support their structure. That’s where comfortable and healthy orthotics from Foot Levelers comes in.

How Foot Levelers Orthotics Helps

Foot Levelers is a reputed brand of orthotics recommended by HealthQuest, a leading multispecialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, NY. They help prevent many of the aforementioned conditions. Foot Levelers orthotics are customized soles that can be placed within your shoe. Your feet would rest on them and they would ensure the right balance and body posture through better medial arch feet support. This help the feet maintain their 3-arched structure, which is important for overall balance, body posture, and the health of the lower limbs.

HealthQuest can produce a computerized foot report that helps create the right orthotics for you. Each individual has a distinct body structure which is reflected in the feet. Our foot report captures that structure and helps design the perfect sole for you.

Why Custom Orthotics?

How are custom orthotics superior to over-the-counter orthotics? Well, for one, choosing an over-the-counter option could do more harm than good as the average person cannot determine the reason for their pain or discomfort. At HealthQuest, our biomechanical experts will analyze the areas of your feet that cause the pain performing a scan. After studying the image, they will be able to recommend the right stabilizers to suit your foot structure and activity level.

This process is essential to ensure overall health of the feet, ankles, knee and hip which in turn contributes to overall balance of the body. There are three arches in the feet, but over-the-counter orthotics offer support for just one of these arches, the most visible lateral longitudinal arch. This increases the stress on the other parts of the feet, causing more harm than good.

Foot Levelers offers the unique 3 Arch Support technology to ensure the orthotics serve the desired purpose. The computerized foot report by HealthQuest helps ensure the perfect, healthy orthotics. Custom orthotics are one of the vital pain management solutions offered by this healthcare center.

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