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Customized Physical Therapy Relieves Low Back Pain, Finds Study

Low Back PainRehabilitation Services in Brooklyn offer customized physical therapy solutions for individuals of all ages. Today, physical therapy is a widely recommended option for back pain. A recent study from the University of Eastern Finland says that combining manual physical therapy and exercise is an excellent way to improve movement control impairment in the lower back. This combination was found to reduce the disability experienced by patients and significantly improve their functional ability.

According to the American Spinal Decompression Association (ASDA), low back pain (LBP) affects at least 80% of people some time in their lives. Chronic low back pain can be the result of injuries or fractures or of impaired movement control. Often caused by an earlier episode of back pain, movement control impairment can cause difficulties for patients in controlling the position of their back when sitting down, standing or doing back bending. It has been unclear which specific exercises should be recommended to improve the condition.

The study reports that only 15% of patients suffering from lower back pain get a specific diagnosis, which means that up to 85% of patients have to settle for a non-specific one. Researchers divided 70 patients who had been diagnosed with movement control impairment into two groups. While the first group received personally tailored exercise regimens targeting their condition, the second was given a generic exercise program. Patients had five physical therapy sessions, including either personally tailored or generic exercises. Each session also included a brief manual therapy. After the physical therapy sessions, patients filled out a questionnaire charting the level of disability caused by their back pain. The patients’ condition was evaluated after a three-month physical therapy period, and again after 12 months.

It was found that a personally tailored exercise program was more beneficial for patients than a generic one. The results indicate that the three-month physical therapy period significantly improved the functional ability of both groups, and that the results persisted at a 12-month follow-up.

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