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Diagnostic Ultrasound Indispensable to Orthopedics

Diagnostic UltrasoundAdvanced orthopedic centers at Brooklyn, NYC use advanced diagnostics for accurate diagnosis of nerve, ligament and muscle damage, along with bone damage which is revealed by X-ray.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Provides Comprehensive Diagnosis

Diagnostic ultrasound has now become indispensable in orthopedics. Though ultrasound-guided diagnosis has been around for some time, it is now fast becoming the accepted practice. Its applications are becoming more numerous. Ultrasound is non-invasive and provides clear views of tendons or muscles above the bones, which also come under orthopedic care.

Advantages of Ultrasound

When there is damage to any joint, ultrasound enables the orthopedist to know if there is damage to the tendons too. They can also check if the nerves are damaged or injured. That helps the orthopedist to determine if there is a partial or full thickness tear. It makes the diagnosis more accurate, especially when the symptoms are not so evident. This is critical particularly since tendon damage could sometimes be severely painful, but on other occasions there could hardly be any pain. And that obviously helps determine how the treatment should be, whether you need physical therapy or just plain rest.

  • Ultrasound cannot replace MRI, but it can be performed during your regular visit. This makes ultrasound advantageous, and when used along with X-ray, is quite reliable for deeper bone and joint issue examination.
  • X-rays and MRIs only give a static picture of the joint or limb. With an ultrasound though, the doctor can view the joint in movement in real time.
  • Ultrasound imaging can be done for a much wider area which can help trace the root cause of the pain. So in cases where a nerve is causing pain in the fingers or wrist, the ultrasound can trace the entire nerve right up to the neck.
  • All this can be done in one sitting.

Thanks to these clear advantages, the field of orthopedics is now widely using the diagnostic ultrasound procedure. At advanced physical therapy and orthopedic centers in Brooklyn, NYC, advanced diagnostic modalities are employed to diagnose your condition and provide treatment.

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