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How Pain Management and Rehabilitation Help Address Pain and Restore Function

Pain Management and RehabilitationPain Management and rehabilitation in advanced, multispecialty treatment centers in Brooklyn, NYC involves treating various health conditions by improving the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The First Step – Accurate Diagnosis

This especially applies to musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain and back pain. Much of the treatment in these centers is aimed at promoting natural healing. Of course, accurate diagnosis is crucial since the pain can be caused by external or internal factors. Back pain, for example, can be the result of fatigue, a damaged spinal column, and even kidney stones. For treatment planning, it is important to confirm diagnosis or rule out other possibilities. In addition to history and physical exam, physicians may use diagnostic tools such as ultrasound and electromyography to diagnose the condition.

Advanced Treatment Options to Stimulate Natural Healing

Treatment will begin with physical therapy and medication. If the symptoms do not subside, more complex treatments such as X-ray guided injections will be administered. Radiofrequency ablation and trigger point injections are more complex pain treatment options. While the injections treat the painful muscles, radiofrequency ablation involves the use of radio waves to target the damaged nerve and relieve chronic pain. Prolotherapy injections repair the painful joint by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to produce new tissue in the affected area.

Specifically, there are certain areas of the body where certain kinds of treatment are more apt:

  • Prolotherapy is very effective for neck pain due to whiplash
  • Trigger point injections work well for common joint pain by relaxing tight and knotted muscles
  • Pain caused by rotator cuff injury in the shoulder can be better treated with peripheral joint injections that address pain and inflammation
  • For certain kinds of back pain, mild electrical stimulation of the spinal cord helps

At multi-disciplinary pain management and physical therapy centers in Brooklyn, NYC, patients receive customized treatment based on their condition. Specialists in bone, muscle and nerve dynamics work as a team to evaluate and treat patients and help them regain function and optimal health.

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