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How Smoking Cessation Programs Can Bring Constructive Changes to Your Life

Smoking CessationSmoking cessation is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. If you are looking for an effective solution to quit smoking, a reliable healthcare center in Brooklyn, New York could help. Smoking is a habit that is very difficult to break. Most people start smoking when they are in their teens and are addicted by the time they reach adulthood. People smoke for different reasons. Smoking can lead to many serious illnesses such as heart diseases, lung cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, infertility in both men and women and asthma. In fact, it is capable of damaging virtually every organ of the body and can affect a person’s overall health. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 480,000 people die each year in the United States due to cigarette smoking. This is nearly one in five deaths. So, if you have the habit of smoking it is better to give it up as early as possible. Nowadays safe, painless, drugless and cost-effective methods are available to help you to quit smoking.

Auriculotherapy for Smoking Cessation

One such procedure is auricular therapy. It is used widely for pain control, addictions of all kinds, internal disorders, emotional issues, and a host of other problems. It is a non-invasive treatment which involves electrical stimulation on the surface of the ear reflex points, thereby releasing endorphins that suppress the cravings for nicotine. It also reduces anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. This treatment has no side effects. However, pregnant women and patients with a cardiac pace maker are not advised this treatment. It takes only an hour to complete the entire treatment session and the success rate is as high as 75%.

Stop Smoking and Enjoy These Benefits

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of lung cancer
  • Save the money spent on cigarettes
  • Regain your sense of smell and taste that may have been dulled by smoking
  • Improve the appearance of your skin by avoiding sagging skin, wrinkles and changes in skin color that smoking can cause
  • Increase your life expectancy
  • Lower the chance of other people around you getting affected by your smoking

Obtain the Treatment from a Reliable Health care Center

There is no doubt that smoking cessation can bring many constructive changes to your life. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment for this addiction at the earliest. Smoking cessation programs in Brooklyn, New York are provided at multispecialty healthcare and rehabilitation centers. They provide a permanent solution to your nicotine cravings. Customized smoking cessation programs will help you quit smoking for good, and lead a healthy life.

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