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Scope of Physical Therapy Treatment for Low Back Pain

Physical Therapy Treatment for Low Back PainSeveral studies have reported customized physical therapy solutions as an effective treatment for low back pain. Low back pain is a very common condition but the symptoms and severity vary greatly. The lower back or lumbar area serves a number of important functions for the human body including structural support, movement, and protection of certain body tissues.

A new study published by the University of Eastern Finland shows that the combination of manual therapy and exercise is an excellent way to combat movement control impairment in the lower back. Advanced physical therapy services in Brooklyn, NY offer individualized physical therapy sessions that help with more rapid pain reduction, and thereby ensure considerable improvement in function/disability.

Patients suffering from most types of low back pain are often referred for physical therapy. It helps to –

  • Reduce back pain
  • Increase function
  • Achieve optimal functional ability

What Causes Low Back Pain

Common causes of the condition include muscle soreness from over-activity, disk injury, and disk degeneration. Several chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis (narrowing of the space around the spinal cord) and spondylitis can also lead to low back pain. The pain can be acute or chronic. Pain that lasts for more than three months is considered chronic.

Sometimes back pain could be related to a disc that bulges or ruptures. If a bulging or ruptured disc presses on the sciatic nerve, pain may run from the buttocks down one leg, which is referred to as sciatica. Symptoms may include severe or aching pain in the lower back after any activity, sudden movement, or while lifting a heavy object; and severe muscle spasms.

Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain Treatment

A physical therapist assesses your condition with the help of digital x-rays or other diagnostic modalities. Based on the assessment, the specialist develops the right treatment plan that may include massage, exercise and other less invasive treatments to restore you back to health. Exercise is an indispensable element of physical therapy. Stretching, walking, weight lifting, and core exercises form part of a physical therapy exercise program. These exercises can also be performed at home.

Physical therapists prescribe home exercise programs that include strengthening exercises, stretches, postural corrections, or inflammation management. However, it is critical for patients to continue the exercise programs as advised in order to reach their pre-injury state. Other elements of physical therapy in New York City include ultrasound, electrical simulation, manual therapy, and heat and cold application.

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