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Chiropractic Treatment – An Effective Option for Back Pain

Chiropractic TreatmentBack pain is a common complaint and can be caused by a large number of underlying problems, including medical conditions. Multispecialty healthcare centers in Brooklyn, NYC offer effective nonsurgical treatment options for back pain, including chiropractic care. This popular alternative treatment modality involves treating back pain by addressing misalignment of the spine.

Misalignment of the spine can cause pain, difficulty moving, or impaired nerve function. Poor body posture or long hours of sitting usually leads to back and shoulder problems over time. Activities that strain the lower back area such as carrying or lifting heavy objects, bending awkwardly for long periods of time and overstretching, can also cause strain the back. Medical problems like ruptured or bulging disks, skeletal irregularities, arthritis, muscle or ligament strain, sciatica, osteoarthritis and scoliosis also cause back pain.

How Chiropractic Care Helps with Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment is based on the concept that the connected parts of the body affect each other and that an injury to any one part may result or cause injury to another part as well. Spinal manipulations or chiropractic adjustments are considered as the main type of treatment in chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment for back pain can:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Reduce muscle spasm and inflammation
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Increase muscle tone and strength
  • Promote natural healing

In a multispecialty healthcare center, chiropractors work with a team comprising neurologists, orthopedists, physical therapists, and other pain management doctors to treat back pain. To diagnose the root cause of the pain, they will examine your back and assess your ability to sit, stand, walk and lift your legs. They may also conduct imaging tests such as MRI scan, CT scan, X-rays, Nerve studies (electromyography, or EMG), bone scans and blood tests.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures to lower pain and restore mobility. Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation using hands-on technique or certain tools. Chiropractic adjustment involves manipulating the joints using a controlled, sudden force to realign the spine and the surrounding muscles. This reduces pressure on pinched nerves, improves the flexibility of the spine, and reduces pain. Many chiropractors incorporate posture exercises and nutritional counseling into the treatment plan.

Find a Reliable Pain Management Center

The key to getting effective treatment is to choose a healthcare center that has licensed and experienced chiropractors. As each patient’s condition and requirements may be different, chiropractors focus on providing customized care. In reliable healthcare centers in Brooklyn, chiropractors work with other specialists to provide patients with best possible solutions for back pain.

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