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Brooklyn Newspaper Article Highlights HealthQuest, a Complete Healthcare Center

Newspaper ArticleEarly detection of any health condition is critical to get the right treatment at the right time. A state-of-the-art multispecialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, New York City (NYC), serving the community since 1994, HealthQuest utilizes the latest advanced technology to assess the health of the body’s systems much faster than traditional lab tests. A recent article published in Brooklyn newspaper draws attention to how HealthQuest’s tests are providing peace of mind for patients.

Among the advanced tests offered, the latest one is the RM-3A analysis system that offers quick and painless health risk assessment. This is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, pain-free analysis system that returns results within five to seven minutes. Instant results can save the patient’s time and prevent unnecessary worry and stress. This powerful tool can –

  • Assess cardiovascular and circulatory systems, measuring risk factors for conditions such as diabetes, obesity, peripheral neuropathies, heart disease, and hypotension and
  • Allow doctors to develop preventative treatment plans for risk factors such as blood clots, stroke, heart disease, irregular heartbeat, angina, numbness, headache, elevated blood sugar, urinary tract infection, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, and digestive problems

HealthQuest’s Dr. Igor Stiler, a Board Certified Neurologist says, “The more information we can provide to patients about their conditions, the more we can help guide their care and they can help themselves.”

Dedicated to pain management, the center provides consultation and physical examination to evaluate the health condition, find the root cause of pain and treat the cause, not the symptoms. HealthQuest is an Intersocietal Accreditation Commission-accredited facility, and here X-rays and MRIs can be taken right away when needed. The MRI technology at HealthQuest is a noninvasive piece of equipment that provides accurate scan results of various diseases and conditions. Using powerful magnets, radio waves and computers, it generates high resolution images to accurately diagnose problems so that doctors can prescribe treatment that is tailored to individual needs.

Dr. Igor StilerDr. Russell Greenseid, D.C., one of the chiropractors at HealthQuest spoke about another state-of-the-art treatment offered at this pain management facility, the spinal decompression machine. This FDA-approved machine is used primarily to treat disc injuries to the lower back and neck, providing an alternative for those who do not wish to have surgery. Pressure is alleviated from the nerves via mechanical traction, which allows patients to find relief from their debilitating neck and pain.

Dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality medical care, this leading multi-specialty healthcare center also provides joint injection drug treatment – Monovisc and Orthovisc for knee pain due to osteoarthritis. This is an ideal option, especially for patients suffering from knee pain that has been resistant to traditional treatment strategies. This FDA-approved non-systemic injection will not interact with any other medications that the patient is taking and can provide pain relief without the use of additional medications. The treatment restores natural joint fluid that cushions, protects, and lubricates the knee joint, allowing better function and flexibility. While Monovisc is a single injection, Orthovisc is administered in a series of three injections. Individual results may vary – some people experience pain relief after the first injection and in other cases three or four injections may be necessary. Pain relief can last up to six months.

With their personalized treatment options, advanced risk assessment tests, latest imaging technologies and dedicated staff, HealthQuest can be considered as an ideal facility that helps patients return to a pain-free lifestyle. Conveniently located in a handicapped accessible 7,000 square foot facility, with parking on the premises, this healthcare center accepts most major medical plans, including No Fault, Workers’ Compensation and Medicare.

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