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Weight Loss Results in Reduced Joint Pain in Obese People – Study

If you have weight-induced joint pain, then weight loss treatment can be a viable option for reducing your symptoms and improving mobility. Those extra pounds on your body can add stress to your joints causing the bone-cushioning cartilage to wear down and ligaments to get strained, resulting in constant pain.Joint Pain

Weight loss has become extremely important for people who suffer from several joint disorders. A new study has found that people suffering from joint disorders can get relief from joint pain by reducing body weight. The study was based on secondary analysis of diet-only and diet plus exercise groups in the Intensive Diet and Exercise for Arthritis (IDEA) randomized controlled trial and the results were published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research (an official journal of the American College of Rheumatology and the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals).

As part of the study, researchers analyzed a group of 240 overweight and obese people who were suffering from joint pain and knee osteoarthritis. They were divided into four groups according to the amount of weight loss achieved over an 18-month period. The four different groups based on the amount of weight loss are –

  • Less than 5 percent (<5 percent group)
  • Between 5 and 9.9 percent (>5 percent group)
  • Between 10 and 19.9 percent (> 10 percent group)
  • Between 20 percent and greater (> 20 percent group)

Researchers analyzed that greater the amount of weight loss, the better participants fared in terms of pain, function, knee joint compression force and physical and mental health-related quality of life. It was also found that the >20 percent group had 25 percent less pain and better function when compared to >10 percent group. In addition, their health related quality of life was also significantly better.

Obesity is a condition characterized by excessive body fat that increases the risks of many health problems. As part of the study, researchers found that people received significant relief from chronic pain and joint inflammation when they lost weight and hence their quality of life also improved. The National Institute of Health recommends 10 percent weight loss as an initial established target for weight loss for overweight and obese adults. The above study signifies that a weight loss of 20 percent or more – double the previous set standard – results in better clinical outcomes and is achievable without surgical or pharmacologic interventions. Adopting simple, dietary and lifestyle changes like consuming a healthy diet, developing a strict exercise regime, quitting smoking, developing good nutritional habits, reducing stress and joining for weight loss programs can help people maintain body weight and prevent the risk of obesity. Leading multi-specialty healthcare centers in Brooklyn, NYC offer effective weight loss programs such as auricular therapy that addresses the root cause of pain. Auricular therapy weight loss programs do not involve surgery or medications and help to control appetite, minimize cravings and strengthen the will power of patients.

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