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Welcome the New School Year with Custom Orthotic Soles

Foot Levelers orthotics could be the most important addition to your new school or college year purchases.
 Welcome the New School Year with Custom Orthotic Soles 
The summer may have been full of the outdoors. But the new academic year brings with it lots of activity too. That’s why you have to rush for new shoes and sneakers. There’s more running about to do and more school and college games to practice for as well. But remember to take good care of yourself. And, the best way to do that is by maintaining good posture to ensure that your body is not put under excessive stress and strain. That’s where custom orthotics come in.

Why Custom Orthotic Insoles Are Essential

Foot Levelers orthotics refers to customized insoles to be worn within your shoe or sneaker on top of the inner sole. Your feet will be directly resting on the orthotic soles, and they balance the pressure evenly on all your body’s pressure points, reducing strain while helping to maintain the right posture. They can help in back pain management while also preventing back pain and other chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Pain in the back and the joints in your body is the result of years of stress and wrong posture. It starts in childhood and youth and then these conditions begin to flare up. Starting with the right posture early can help avoid many of these conditions that strike later. Prevention is the best form of musculoskeletal pain management.

Foot Levelers Orthotics Reduces Stress and Strain in Your Body

You can slip on Foot Levelers orthotic insoles into just about any closed footwear.

  • Each foot is made up of more than 26 bones and 100 muscles. The insoles support these muscles and bones and protect the person’s foundation.
  • By supporting the 26 bones and 100 muscles of the feet, Foot Levelers orthotics helps the feet maintain a 3-arched structure which in turn helps balance your entire body. This structure needs to be maintained to ensure the entire weight of the body is well supported.
  • Terrain changes are also accommodated since the individual would not always be walking on flat ground.
  • Even for those already suffering from pain in the joints of the body, orthotics can help alleviate the pain.
  • Orthotic insoles also help maintain the right connection between the foot and the spine.

Customized Orthotics Just to Suit Your Feet

But for orthotic soles to work well, they need to be customized for the individual’s feet. A digital feet scan can help study the structure of your feet and capture a digital image of them. A computerized report of your feet is generated, which provides a better understanding of the bio-mechanics involved. This can help in selecting the right orthotics, based on the exact structure of your feet. Not only can custom orthotic soles prevent pain, they are also extremely comfortable to wear.

HealthQuest, a multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, NYC offers Foot Levelers orthotics at competitive rates. As you start your new school year, HealthQuest offers attractive discounts on custom Foot Levelers orthotics. You can get 10% off on Foot Levelers orthotics. The offer is valid till September 29, 2018. So, take the positive step towards your health right from the start of this new school or college year.

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