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Why Slip & Fall Injuries Are a Major Hazard for UPS Workers

Fall InjuriesPhysical therapy and pain management programs by multispecialty healthcare centers in Brooklyn, NYC deal with preventing slip & fall accidents.

In 2017, a Cornell fraternity was sued to not have properly maintained its staircase, which caused a UPS delivery worker to slip and fall. While the insurance company paid the UPS employee the workers’ compensation, it sued Cornell on behalf of the worker.

UPS, FedEx and Other Delivery Workers Face Hazards

Not many would consider workers for UPS, FedEx and other delivery services as doing something dangerous. But the truth is that delivery workers face unique dangers each day that could cause them injuries. Primary among these are slip & fall injuries due to walking in bad weather such as rain or snow, and through hazardous spaces such as from the truck to the ground. Some of these conditions are forced upon them since they have a specific route to cover even if they may be through slippery terrain such as water-clogged roads, snow or even ice. And they have deadlines to meet as well.

There are injuries caused by other, less likely scenarios as well. Sitting too long in the truck can cause repetitive injuries, which could be gradual and debilitating. Moving or lifting stuff could strain the shoulders, back and arms. Loading and unloading of the stuff can cause or aggravate injury.

Slip & Fall Injuries among UPS Workers

The risk of injury to UPS workers could be to their hands, arms, legs, knees or feet as a result of lifting heavy objects and slipping and falling. Slip and fall injuries could also affect the shoulders and other joints of the body, causing musculoskeletal injuries. Besides causing muscle tears and strains, hitting the head while falling could also cause head trauma. The spine and back are also susceptible to injury not just from slips and falls but also from lifting heavy weights.

Taking Steps to Prevent Slip & Fall Incidents

UPS and other delivery organizations have slip & fall prevention and awareness programs to ensure workers stay safe. Otherwise, they could be dealing with many more workers’ compensation cases. UPS has a slip and fall simulator that trains workers to walk securely even when conditions are slippery.

But even simulation can’t always prepare workers who are being timed and are preoccupied with delivering the product quickly and proceeding with the next one. Hazards such as broken stairs and chasing dogs can never be predicted. Property owners are expected to keep their premises safe for people visiting it, and that includes delivery workers. Failure to do that could result in delivery workers falling and injuring themselves. This can lead to lawsuits such as the Cornell one mentioned earlier. Workers must wear appropriate footwear to ensure they have sufficient grip while walking or carrying stuff on such slippery or hazardous areas.

Professional pain management and comprehensive healthcare centers in Brooklyn, New York offer slip & fall prevention programs to help people susceptible to falls take steps to reduce their chances of falling. This is important for UPS workers, particularly with winter approaching and snow, ice and moisture making roads and other surfaces trickier. These centers also provide comprehensive treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions experienced by delivery workers.

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