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Welcome Black Friday, Not the Injuries

Advanced, multispecialty healthcare and pain management centers in Brooklyn, NYC could get busy this shopping season. That’s because the hectic holiday shopping could result in the body being put to great deal of stress and strain. Accidents can occur as well.Black Friday

Black Friday 2018 is here, and the memories from last year are still fresh. It’s a time of great deals, unbelievably exciting offers and some shopping-themed celebration. It’s something Americans of all ages look forward to. But with all that shopping frenzy and people turning into raging hordes, there are chances that injuries can occur. In fact, a quick search in Google reveals that there can be pretty serious injuries happening, the reason being that Black Friday can turn ordinary shoppers into angry, violent mobs.

Why You Need to Be Careful on Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers have just one thing in mind – grab some mind-blowing deals that the retailers are offering to get themselves some great earnings and make the most of the festive season. Even if some deals may not seem very attractive, crowds just want to get hold of them because these may not come their way again.

With just the mind to shop more and not let anything get in the way of great deals, the random individual could be tripped to a fall, be made to sprain their hand while grabbing some attractively priced stuff on the store shelves, or even be trampled on when fallen. Sprains, strains, fractures, joint pain, head trauma, torn ligaments, etc. can all be the unwelcome gifts of Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season.

Injuries to Watch Out For

While there are proven treatment options such as chiropractic care and physical therapy to help with various musculoskeletal injuries that may be caused during a shopping expedition, you wouldn’t want a memorable time to be marred by some injury that could also have potentially longer term consequences. So the first thing you need to remember while planning for Black Friday and scanning through great deals is to stay safe. And to do that you need to know about the different potential ways you could get injured. Still don’t believe you could get hurt? Just think of the following scenarios:

  • Injuries can occur with your shopping cart. When it’s a mad rush to the sales counter, you could get hit by other shopping carts or have other shopping cart wheels run over your feet as everyone makes the rush to the billing section of the department store.
  • And then you have stuff stacked up in the shelves of the store, even beyond what those shelves can hold. So if you’re shopping for some heavy object, and you find them stacked up, taking one out could send the whole bundle dropping on you. Or someone else next to you could get too eager to drag the product out. That could injure you if those objects are heavy.
  • You could also get injured even before you get to the department store, right at the parking lot. You know the shopping rush. You could have more cars rushing to parking lots than they can accommodate. While there is the danger of cars hitting each other, you need to be careful while you’re stepping out of your parked car and ensure you don’t get in the way of other storming cars.
  • Make sure you never get caught in a stampede. Stampedes are like flash floods. You never know what could suddenly drive the crowd into a frenzy. Stampedes can not only be injurious, but also fatal. And that’s exactly what happened at a Walmart store in Long Island back in 2008. More than 2000 people rushed to the store even before its opening time. Before the store opened, the crowds themselves opened it by getting the doors knocked off their hinges! In the process, they trampled a 34-year old employee to death.

Better Safe than Sorry

In all these situations, it’s important to keep yourself safe as well as your family and friends who may be shopping with you. Keeping kids safe is particularly difficult. And if you’re pregnant you need to take extra care.

Now we really don’t want to mar your Black Friday anticipations by reminding you of these matters. Have a great time, but make sure to stay safe so you can have some great memories to cherish from this festive season.

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