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Is Your Back Fine This Winter?

Back PainBack pain treatment is one of the major services offered by advanced, multispecialty healthcare centers in Brooklyn, NY. In the winter season, they normally see more cases of lower back pain.

The winter gives a surreal feel to the atmosphere, giving you a break from the heat and the stress. And now that the winter months are gradually ending and the spring is getting closer, it is time to experience all that winter can offer you, before it becomes a memory. If you are prone to back pain, don’t let it get in the way – know your options and get early treatment.

The Connection between Winter and Back Pain

Is there any other connection between cold weather and back pain? Does barometric pressure affect the back? What the cold does is tighten the tendons, ligaments and muscles in your back. It strains your spine and also pulls on those nerve roots, which causes pain. This reduced flexibility causes pain, since the tightening makes the muscles more prone to injury. This can also affect the neck.

Narrowing of Blood Vessels in Winter causes Back Pain

There is much debate in scientific circles about the connection between winter and back pain. While it’s certain that winter aggravates or causes back pain it is not clear why the fall in temperature hurts the back. Most people feel their body stiffen on a chilly day. This occurs due the narrowing of the blood vessels. As the blood vessels narrow, the body sends that blood to the vital organs such as the heart, brain, bowels and lungs. The tendons, muscles and ligaments grow stiff because of the lowered blood supply. To prevent back pain in winter, you need to keep yourself active and warm so the blood vessels don’t constrict.

Remember that as the tendons, muscles and ligaments support your spine, any stiffening of these tissues will put great strain on your back.

Take Steps to keep Your Body Warm

To keep your body warm in winter, wear the right clothing. Make sure you’re warm not only when you head outdoors, but even when you’re indoors. Wear extra layers of clothing and particularly ensure that your back and neck are covered. Wear a scarf to protect your neck, and make sure there is no way the cold air can get to your back through shirt openings. That’s why it is better to tuck your shirt in so the air doesn’t get to your back from under the shirt. Avoid loose clothing.

Don’t forget exercise. You must regularly stretch the muscles. The cold weather could make you lethargic and you may be tempted to stay indoors or give exercising a miss. The months of inactivity are among the prime reasons how the cold weather hurts the back indirectly. It could aggravate the pain in the back.

When it comes to exercising in winter, you can’t do things you usually do in the summer such as running. Walking is a good option in winter. It helps strengthen the feet and leg muscles as well as the muscles of the back, which in turn support the spine and drive the blood flow to parts of your back. However, the risk of slips and falls is greater in winter. Wearing winter boots when you go outdoors can help, since they offer great traction and grip on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. With winter boots and winter gear to protect your head, neck and body, you can enjoy your winter walks.

Certain indoor aerobic exercises can also help, provided your spinal specialist considers it good for your spine. Of course there are many other indoor activities too such as stretches which you can do every hour. You can do this from your chair at home or office. And whenever you feel like using the elevator, use the stairs instead.

These are the best precautions you can take to ensure the muscles don’t contract much and your back doesn’t become stiff and painful in winter. Enrolling in a slip & fall prevention program can improve mobility, physical strength, and balance and minimize risk of falls. If back pain does strike, you can get customized care at a professional pain management center in Brooklyn.

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