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Obesity Is Widespread, but Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Weight loss programs, one of the major treatments offered by advanced healthcare and rehabilitation centers are a great option to tackle obesity.


The Growing Concern of Obesity

Obesity has always been a concern in the United States and developed nations generally, but this health concern has now reached unprecedented levels. According to the 2018 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report of the United Health Foundation, obesity in the United States has reached its highest-ever level. This and suicides, cardiovascular disease and drug addiction are the major factors behind rising premature death. The obesity rate has risen to such an extent that it has surpassed 30% of America’s adult population, from just below 30% in 2017. Premature deaths, which refer to the number of years lost per 100,000 people before reaching 75 years of age, also rose by 3%, from 7,214 to 7,432.

Understanding What Being Obese Is

An individual is usually categorized as being obese on the basis of their BMI (body mass index). Calculating obesity with BMI does have its limitations, but it is still widely regarded as a measure of obesity. A BMI figure of 30 or more is considered as being obese. But the CDC states that factors such as muscle mass, gender, and even ethnicity can determine how BMI relates to body fat. Factors such as bone mass, which is higher for taller individuals, are also not taken into consideration in a BMI calculation, making it a less-than-perfect assessment.

So, in simple terms, obesity is the result of consuming more calories than you can burn through physical activity each day.

How Dangerous Is Being Obese?

The danger of obesity is the fact that it is one of the catalysts for chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, breathing problems including sleep apnea, cancers of the colon, endometrial and breast, and cardiovascular disease. The female reproductive system could also be affected by obesity. In addition, obesity also increases the risk of osteoarthritis.

Dealing with Obesity

Now the remedy for obesity isn’t as simple as eating less. It is a lifestyle condition influenced by a lack of physical activity and a diet rich in calories and fat. But that’s not all. In many cases obesity is the result of some medical or genetic condition. So what is the solution?

While obesity is self-treatable through a healthier lifestyle that is more physically active and involves exercises and healthier food, sometimes there need to be other, more aggressive measures such as surgery and medications. But there are also some unconventional and nonsurgical techniques to deal with chronic obesity. Advanced and multispecialty healthcare and rehabilitation centers offer weight loss programs in New York City, and these have transformed lives.

Effective Weight Loss Treatment Is Closer than You Thought

HealthQuest has unconventional but effective weight loss treatment lined up. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it could be a great time for you and your loved one to make a positive step towards health and tackle weight problems.

This Valentine’s Day, we offer a $50-discount for all six sessions of our weight loss program. We offer all sessions for $350 and not at our usual rate of $400.

But Valentine’s Day is all about you and your partner celebrating your togetherness. That’s why we have a special discount for those joining our weight loss program as a pair.

For pairs the program is offered at just $600, down from our usual rate for two people, which is $700.

This offer is valid through February 14, 2019.

Make the most of it, and let this Valentine’s Day be memorable.

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