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How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works to Relieve Back Pain

How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works to Relieve Back PainWhether back pain is mild and dull or persistent and severe, the condition can severely affect quality of life. Multi specialty pain management and rehabilitation centers in Brooklyn, NYC offer a wide variety of non-surgical treatment modalities to reduce pain. Spinal decompression therapy is one effective non-invasive option to treat the condition. This is a non-surgical traction based treatment to relieve pain and symptoms caused by pressure or compression on the spinal cord or nerve roots. The FDA-cleared treatment involves alternate stretching and relaxing of the spine to release pressure from the discs and vertebral bones that commonly cause low back pain.

Gradual wear and tear on the bones of the spine or osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of back pain. Other causes include – infections, spine tumor, spine injury, rheumatoid arthritis, bone diseases and bone diseases.

How Does Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

Spinal decompression therapy procedure works using motorized traction performed by using special equipment which goes through several cycles of traction/distraction and relaxation. The procedure works to separate the spinal discs by applying a specific force that gently pulls segments of the spine in longitudinal direction, using precise angles to target specific spinal discs. This creates a vacuum effect within the middle of the disc and promotes the flow of water, oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids to the discs, which works to reduce disc bulging and support healing.

Spinal decompression is highly effective in treating several conditions like sciatica, spinal stenosis, radioculopathy, pinched nerves, spondylosis, neck pain, worn spinal joints (called posterior facet syndrome) and injured or diseased spinal nerve roots.

Duration of the Treatment

The duration of the treatment and number of sessions required for each patient will generally depend on the diagnosis, condition of the patient, and the physician’s recommendations. Each session typically last for 20-25 minutes and you may require repeated sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks for completing the treatment. However, the amount of pain relief may differ from person to person and the extent of injury. Some patients may get relief after a few treatments. On the other hand, others may need more sessions to achieve long-lasting pain relief.

If you are suffering from back pain and think nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy may help, consult a pain management doctor at a professional healthcare center in Brooklyn, NYC. Before beginning the procedure, a complete and detailed medical analysis will be done where in your previous medical history will be evaluated and imaging tests like – X-rays and CT/MRI scans will be conducted to determine whether you are eligible for the treatment. Spinal decompression therapy is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, patients with failed back surgery, spinal fusions, vertebrae fractures, severe obesity, and artificial discs or other spinal implants are not good candidates for this procedure. At a reliable healthcare center, spinal decompression therapy will be generally combined with other non-surgical treatment modalities like TENS, Heat/cold therapy and physical therapy exercises to improve pain symptoms.

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