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Low Back Pain in Golfers – Causes and Treatment

Low Back Pain in Golfers - Causes and TreatmentGolf is a popular sport that can be very challenging, both physically and psychologically. Often, players tend to ignore the biomechanical aspect of this game and this could pose serious problems such as low back pain. Lower back pain is the biggest injury complaint among golfers of all ranks – amateur, professional, young, old, and beginners as well as seasoned golfers. Studies also highlight that low back conditions account for approximately 25% of all golf injuries.

Lower back pain often starts with poor joint mobility. Certain conditions that can cause lower back pain issues in golfers include degenerative or inflammatory arthritis, bone fractures, disc injuries, muscle strains, as well as mobility & motor control limitations. Golfers with limited hip mobility – hip internal rotation can also experience this pain.

Golf swing leads to low back pain

Golf swing can cause pain, as it is a unilateral movement that tends to create imbalance in the body and misalignment in the joints. Experts agree that there are 14 regions which are engaged during the golf swing. During the backswing, the spine is excessively extended and compressed, leading to abnormal flexion. Every joint involved is taken to its maximum range. The spine will get rotated with a great deal of force and little control, leaving the structures in the lower back particularly open to injury. During the swing, compression forces on the spine reach eight to ten times the body weight in both professional and amateur golfers. Swing characteristics can also strain the back due to lack of mobility or improper swing technique.

Golfers may also experience elbow issues that can be treated using radiofrequency ablation. Treatment protocols should focus on flexibility, joint mobility, and postural stability. Non-surgical options are also available to treat golf injury.

Low back pain that occurs as a result of golf injury can be treated by applying heat and/or ice, considering exercises that can help prevent reverse spine angle in the backswing, and taking pain medications like ibuprofen or naproxen that can help reduce inflammation.

A leading multi specialty healthcare center located in Brooklyn, New York, HealthQuest provides chiropractic care and physical therapy treatments that are ideal non-pharmaceutical solutions for golfers who want to rid themselves of pain and ultimately increase their enjoyment of golf. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce stress and inflammation, improve blood circulation and joint coordination, and promote natural healing without any negative side effects of pain medication or surgery. Physical therapy programs in Brooklyn include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and hot / cold modalities to treat such sports injuries.

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