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How Auriculotherapy helps People Quit Smoking – Permanently

Auriculotherapy helps People Quit SmokingEveryone knows that smoking is dangerous to health and its risks have been well documented, increasing the demand for smoking cessation programs in NYC. Standard solutions include nasal spray, nicotine patches, inhalers and gum. However, while people want to stop smoking, many aren’t able to. Some fail right away. Others are able to stay away from the cigarette for a few days or months, but end up returning to the habit with full force. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) states that relapse can happen in just the first 3 months.

Something More Effective in Offering Permanent Relief

Clearly, there is the need for a more effective mechanism that will not only make people stop smoking permanently. Fortunately, there is a solution – auricular therapy or auriculotherapy. This is a unique treatment modality that addresses the problem by striking at the root cause of the addiction – brain chemicals that send signals through the nerves to the body. Imbalances in brain chemicals can cause addictions. What auriculotherapy does is balance these chemicals.

Tapping into some points of the ear restores the balance of the chemicals and as a result, eliminates nicotine cravings.

How Auriculotherapy Works

A revolutionary painless treatment, auricular therapy has been around for more than 35 years. Tapping certain points in the outer ear causes the micro-electric stimulation of those nerves. This stimulation triggers endorphins being released. These endorphins are substances that occur naturally in the body. Endorphins totally eliminate nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms that are often responsible for making people return to smoking. If the candidate is determined to quit, auriculotherapy can overcome these withdrawal symptoms permanently.

Safe, Cost-effective and Fast

The treatment session takes only an hour, and in most cases a single session involving treatment and orientation is all that is required. Auricular therapy is not expensive and can be administered easily. There aren’t any known cases of side effects, though the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

HealthQuest is a multispecialty healthcare center offering neurology services in Brooklyn, along with physical therapy and rehabilitation services. The center has been providing auricular therapy since 2000 and the success rate has been a consistent 75%. That certainly offers a ray of hope for individuals who sincerely want to quit smoking.


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