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Deadline Nears to Vote for HealthQuest in Best of Brooklyn 2020

 Vote for HealthQuest in Best of Brooklyn 2020Customized, high tech treatment with a smile has been the mantra of HealthQuest’s services. People looking for pain management in Brooklyn have a friendly but professional care center offering a host of innovative treatment solutions.

Let’s remind you of the Brooklyn Dime Best of Brooklyn 2020 challenge. Remember, this contest is your opportunity to express your appreciation for what HealthQuest has been doing in the community by making the lives of people better through pain management, rehabilitation services, chiropractic procedures, advanced diagnostics and the warmth of care.

HealthQuest’s Nomination for Dime Best of Brooklyn 2020

HealthQuest has been nominated, among other practices and centers, for the Dime Best of Brooklyn 2020 title in two categories – “Chiropractor” and “Pain Management Physician.” All it takes is a vote for you to convey your appreciation. The practice with the most votes wins.

You can make a difference till September 16 when voting closes.

This contest is presented by the Dime Community Bank and provides the opportunity for the public to have their say in what they feel is the best business in the borough in various categories and sub-categories. It’s an annual contest and thousands participate in the voting process each year. There are hundreds of businesses nominated in the various categories, but only one gets crowned Dime Best of Brooklyn 2020.

The Voting Process

HealthQuest is represented under two sub-categories, “Pain Management Physician” and “Chiropractor,” both of which belong to the “Health, Wellness & Beauty” category. You can only give one vote per category each day. Let’s remind you of the process:

  • Visit “” from your computer or mobile device
  • Click “Vote Now” on the top of the webpage
  • Under “Categories,” select “Health, Wellness & Beauty”
  • Scroll down to see “Chiropractor” and look for “HealthQuest
  • Scroll down to see “Pain Management Physician” and look for “HealthQuest”
  • Now, click the green “Vote” button, and complete the process by entering your email address.

The winning businesses will be announced in December. Remember, each vote counts. Also spread the word. If you have any doubts, please call us at 718-769-2521.

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