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How a Slip & Fall Prevention Program Can Help Make Life Safer

Slip & Fall Prevention Program Can Help Make Life Safer Falls could cause only minor bruises, but at other times, could worsen an already existing medical condition or even prove fatal. Summer is the time when people step outdoors to enjoy the warm weather but it’s also brings an increased risk of slips and falls. HealthQuest, a multispecialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, is offering slip & fall prevention in Brooklyn to help people of all ages stay safe, healthy, and active.

Falls are Preventable

Falls may cause nothing more than a mild bump, bruise or sprain, but serious injuries such as a fracture or head injury can make life challenging. Depending on the severity of a fracture, bones can take time to heal. Spinal injuries that could take quite some time to set right, while head injuries can be life-threatening. The best thing to do is prevent the fall from happening in the first place.

Falls can be Problematic for the Elderly

People aged 65+ are at risk of unpredictable and unexpected falls, which can cause both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Various factors contribute to the increased risk of falls among older adults, such as medical conditions, problems with vision, difficulty in maintaining balance and walking, issues in the foot, general weakness in the lower body, or complications caused by medication. The American Journal of Public Health states that 1 of 5 falls involving elderly individuals would usually result in a serious injury such as head trauma or broken bones. Almost 2.5 million of these individuals are sent to emergency rooms as a result of serious injuries caused by falls.

Total Patient Analysis & Fall Risk Assessment Report

Many people avoid physical activities because they fear falling. The best way to stay fall-proof is to enroll in a comprehensive balance program. The first step in a fall prevention program is managing an individual’s the risk factors. HealthQuest’s comprehensive balance program starts with a total patient analysis:

  • Patient histories are taken in detail to evaluate the potential risk factors.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools are used to examine the parts of the body that contribute to falls, such as the lower extremities, the nervous system, eyes and inner ear.
  • Based on this analysis, doctors can examine any deficiencies that could contribute to balance issues which could lead to falls.

Cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, walking speed, muscular strength and step length are also analyzed. There is a balance test, walking test, heart rate and blood pressure tests, and ankle and knee strength test. All of this information is analyzed to understand the patient’s specific requirements.

Customized Protocol Developed

Based on the assessment, the healthcare team will develop a customized rehabilitation and balance protocol for the patient. On future visits, the patient is taken through a treatment plan under guidance from therapists. The treatment primarily consists of strengthening and stretching exercises, treadmills and computerized balance boards, all specifically focusing on balance therapy.

Focus is also placed on reducing slip and fall risks in the individual’s home environment. Things discussed include tripping hazards, lighting deficiencies, unsafe railings, stairs, etc. Based on the suggestions, patients can be careful while negotiating these areas or avoid them. If possible, they can also make modifications to their home.

A Team Approach for the Best Results

At HealthQuest, the focus is on practical strategies “to reduce fear and anxiety while increasing activity levels in safe surroundings”. As a leading provider of rehabilitation and physical therapy services in Brooklyn, HealthQuest has a multi-department fall injury prevention team comprising doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical and occupational therapists. With their areas of expertise, they can identify any deficits in the body that need to be addressed via the balance program.

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