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Enjoy Autumn but Take Steps to Prevent Falls

Enjoy Autumn but Take Steps to Prevent Falls The fall provides a welcome break from the intense heat of summer and prepares you for winter. Outdoor activities are a great way to enjoy the season. However, even healthy activities such as jogging or walking pose risk of falls. Orthopedic services in Brooklyn can deal with injuries caused as a result of autumn activities.

Falling Leaves Hide Obstructions on Surface 

If there’s one thing that characterizes autumn or the fall season, it’s trees getting barren. The leaves start falling and cover the ground. They keep you from realizing what you’re walking on. They hide obstructions and surface changes and can cause falls resulting in injury.

The early fall season is also characterized by heavy rains. Rains and leaves make a lethal combination, potentially causing slip and fall injuries as you’re walking. These can also pose problems when you’re driving. Leaves soaked in water could have the same effect as ice, causing tires to lose traction, leading to skids and crashes.

Visibility Issues Because of Fog

Fog can cause problems of visibility, especially while driving. Auto accidents increase during autumn, so it is important to use fog lamps and defog the windows of your car. Even if you’re just a pedestrian, you need to be wary of drivers losing control of their vehicles and ramming into you.

More Darkness and Less of Sunlight

Autumn is also characterized by reduced hours of sunlight. There are more hours of darkness to deal with, so you may need to make changes to your jogging or outdoor walking schedule in the early mornings and late evenings. As you head out on your walk or clean your porch in the early morning, make sure you stay clear of frost patches in the shaded areas. These could cause slips.

Precautions to Be Taken While Raking

Raking leaves is one of most common activities in autumn. Apart from the danger of falling over obstructions hidden by leaves or slipping over rain-soaked leaves, this activity can cause muscle soreness or injury.

Raking is like a workout, so you must warm up properly so that your muscles and joints are well prepared for the activity. This can help prevent cramps and sprains or even more serious musculoskeletal injury. Pay attention to your posture – move your whole body, rather than twisting your spine. Make sure that you get a rake that is tall enough, so you don’t need to bend down too much.

Advanced Nonsurgical Treatments

Practicing safe behavior can prevent slips and falls in autumn. However, you can rest assured that even if you do have an accident, the best treatments are available. Advanced multispecialty healthcare centers in Brooklyn, New York provide comprehensive care for various orthopedic conditions using nonsurgical modalities. Orthopedic specialists work with neurologists, physical therapists, pain management specialists and primary care physicians to customize treatment for each patient. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment in Brooklyn can put you on to the road to recovery.

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