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Options for Relieving Hip and Knee Pain without Surgery

Options for Relieving Hip and Knee Pain without SurgeryIt’s quite common for older adults to develop pain in the joints, particularly the knee and hip. Hip pain treatment in Brooklyn focuses on helping people manage the condition effectively, so that it doesn’t become debilitating and prevent them from performing even routine tasks.

Usually, it’s only when these joint conditions get worse that people look for treatment options. Surgery can provide relief, but physicians will recommend this only if other treatment options don’t work. In fact, in multispecialty physical therapy and rehabilitation centers in Brooklyn, healthcare professionals from various specialties collaborate to provide effective nonsurgical joint pain management services.

Physical Therapy

Let’s start with the simple measures and move towards the more complex. One of the most important aspects a physical therapist addresses is posture. It may be hard to believe, but the wrong posture can cause many long-term conditions. Walking with a wrong gait for years could cause joint injury. Gait retraining involves addressing the individual’s posture while walking, standing, sitting or performing other functions.

The physical therapist addresses the postural issues, training the individual to walk, sit and stand the right way. With practice, the right gait can become natural. The physical therapist may suggest steps to strengthen the muscles too or prescribe a change in footwear.

Therapeutic exercises help to strengthen muscles surrounding the damaged hip or knee. This can help minimize the stress placed on the joint by the body. The exercises focus on strengthening the hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominal muscles. Strong quadriceps can share the shock-absorbing task performed by the knee cartilage. Since the weight is balanced properly, the muscles are able to help the joint perform well, which helps reduce the pain. Apart from therapeutic exercises, physical therapy includes flexibility exercises such as stretching and relaxing the concerned muscles to improve the functioning of the joint.


Therapeutic ultrasound is widely used to treat hip and knee pain. The therapeutic ultrasound technique involves using sound waves for improving blood flow and reducing muscle spasms. This promotes healing. Ultrasound involves applying a gel to the patient’s skin in the affected area and then moving around an ultrasound wand over the area. The gel contains medication such as hydrocortisone. This advanced treatment is effective not just for managing pain but also for facilitating muscle stretching and tissue healing.

With advanced, multispecialty treatment centers offering physical therapy services in Brooklyn and other proven nonsurgical treatments options, you don’t need to worry about hip pain or knee pain bringing you down.


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