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Common Foot Conditions in Older Adults and How to Prevent Them

The feet are what make you mobile, independent and free yet we hardly give them the care they deserve. Centers offering physical therapy rehabilitation in Brooklyn treat different types of foot injuries. Older adults are prone to certain foot conditions but risks can be significantly reduced with lifestyle changes.

Common Foot Conditions

While facilitating movement, the feet also support the entire weight of your body. As a result they are prone to significant wear. As you get older, the wear …

Enjoy Autumn but Take Steps to Prevent Falls

The fall provides a welcome break from the intense heat of summer and prepares you for winter. Outdoor activities are a great way to enjoy the season. However, even healthy activities such as jogging or walking pose risk of falls. Orthopedic services in Brooklyn can deal with injuries caused as a result of autumn activities.

Falling Leaves Hide Obstructions on Surface 

If there’s one thing that characterizes autumn or the fall season, it’s trees getting barren. The leaves start falling …

Join National Physical Therapy Month Celebration This October

October is observed as “National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM)” in the United States – an opportunity to raise awareness about the many benefits of physical therapy (PT). Sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the campaign aims to generate awareness about the key role of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in helping people find relief from pain, improve mobility and overall functional ability and live healthier lives.

Regarded as one of the leading causes of long-term disability in …

Nonsurgical Treatment Options for Shoulder Pain

Regarded as one of the most mobile joints in the human body, the shoulder is highly susceptible to injury. Shoulder pain refers to any pain that may arise from the shoulder joint itself or from any of the many surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons. Pain in the shoulder may be confined to one area or radiate to surrounding areas or down the arm. Left untreated, the condition can become chronic and affect range of motion and functionality. Leading pain management

Join World Heart Day Observance and Campaign on September 29

World Heart Day is observed on September 29 every year to generate widespread public awareness about cardiovascular diseases, (including heart disease and stroke). Sponsored by the World Heart Federation (WHF), the campaign is an international platform to inform millions of people around the globe about the preventive measures to be taken to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Regarded as the number one cause of death globally, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is associated with the buildup of fatty deposits inside the …

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