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Chiropractic Manipulation in Brooklyn

HealthQuest is a leading chiropractic manipulation clinic in Brooklyn, offering specialized healthcare services to ensure you a pain-free and healthy lifestyle. Our experience and expertise in the latest chiropractic manipulation techniques enable us to focus on promoting the well being of our patients. We also offer specialized physical therapy, neurology, pain management, and rehabilitation services.

Chiropractic Manipulation

to Treat Pain Effectively

HealthQuest offers comprehensive, hands-on chiropractic manipulation techniques to treat various neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Our specialized chiropractic treatment is most effective in treating acute lower back pain, body aches, neck pain, arm/leg pain, headaches, and many other functional disorders. With manual spinal adjustments, we also help patients recover from sports injuries, auto injuries, and work-related injuries.

Patients who suffer from acute or chronic spinal pain and joint mobility issues have achieved improved normal function through our chiropractic manipulation services. Our chiropractors have experience in several chiropractic adjustment techniques and they provide special care for patients of all ages. The safe and gentle treatment methods we offer focus on getting rid of the root cause of pain, rather than the symptoms.

Comprehensive Treatment Program to Promote Your Well-being

At HealthQuest, our dedicated chiropractic wellness team offers a personalized treatment program to meet your needs and goals. During the initial consultation, our specialist will evaluate the patient’s case history to determine the types of tests to be performed for his/her specific case. If a patient’s condition needs further evaluation, specific diagnostic tests, orthopedic, and neurological tests and more will be performed.

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