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Chiropractic Neurology in Brooklyn

HealthQuest is a leading chiropractic neurology service provider in Brooklyn, New York. We provide manual chiropractic neurology services for patients with various physical dysfunctions and help restore a healthy lifestyle. Our main focus is to make patients aware of the importance of regular spinal and neurological care and help them deal with various painful health issues.

Advanced Chiropractic

Neurology Care

Chiropractic neurology care offered at HealthQuest is aimed at improving the functioning of the central nervous system, through effective care of your spine and nervous system. Our chiropractic care can resolve all types of back pain and neck pain problems. The chiropractic neurology care we provide is beneficial for patients with disorders such as vertigo, pain syndromes, injury problems, balance difficulties, movement disorders, numbness or tingling in arms/hands/legs, as well as, other neurological dysfunctions.

Through hands-on chiropractic care, we offer completely non-invasive, natural chiropractic treatment procedures. Our chiropractic neurology care services combine chiropractic adjustments, various modalities, and exercise programs. We provide specialized chiropractic adjustments to reduce pain and restore joint and spinal function. Our team of chiropractic neurology specialists include massage therapists and exercise rehabilitation experts.

Treatment Structured to Your Specific Needs

At HealthQuest, we ensure precise chiropractic neurology care of individual and specific healthcare problems of patients. Whatever type of pain issue you have, acute, chronic or complex, we offer advanced care to meet your needs. By applying the correct treatment procedures, we will help restore the optimal nervous system function and improve overall body function.

Our chiropractic specialist will perform a thorough physical examination and some functional tests during your first visit. We will also evaluate your health history and decide an individualized treatment plan specific to your medical condition.

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