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Automobile, Work and Sports Injuries

HealthQuest, a leading healthcare center in Brooklyn, NY provides excellent care and support for patients who have been involved with automobile, work or sports injuries. Our ultimate goal is to get each patient back to an active lifestyle by providing effective, result-oriented treatment.

Individualized Care and Hands on Assistance

If left untreated, accident, work and sports injuries can lead to pain and related problems. Therefore, it is important that you seek expert care and hands-on assistance immediately. Schedule a consultation at HealthQuest if you experience any of the following after your injury:

Whatever the cause, our physicians will suggest the most effective program that will treat your pain and discomfort, while helping you maintain optimal health. Anyone that has suffered from an automobile, work or sports injury would be scheduled for a comprehensive examination. Our team of professionals including physical therapists, chiropractors, pain management specialists, neurologists and other specialists work together to provide patients with the most appropriate treatment available.


Auto/Work/Sports Injury Treatment

Procedures Include

Depending on the severity and exact nature of your injury, we develop the ideal treatment protocol.

Why Choose Us

  • Individualized care and treatment to quickly provide pain relief
  • Outstanding rehabilitation services
  • We’ve successfully treated thousands of auto accident cases and injured workers
  • Gentle, effective treatment approaches
  • We accept most major medical insurances

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