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Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa, a small fluid-filled sac that serves as a cushion between a bone and muscle, skin or tendon. It is often caused by repetitive movement of the joint or injury and causes pain and swelling. Treatment for bursitis at HealthQuest focuses on relieving the inflammation and pain, treating any infection, and preventing complications and future recurrence. The pain management doctors at our multispecialty health care center in New York use a variety of non-surgical modalities to treat musculoskeletal pain.

Symptoms and Causes

Bursae are found throughout the body and bursitis can affect almost any joint. While the shoulder, elbow and hip are the most commonly affected areas, the knee, heel, and the base of the big toe are also at risk of developing the condition.

Bursitis can be chronic or acute. Symptoms include pain or a dull ache that is made worse by movement or pressure. The condition also causes inflammation, swelling and tenderness in the affected joint.

Causes of bursitis include

  • Injury due to a fall or hit
  • Prolonged pressure on the joint
  • Joint overuse or strain from repetitive motion
  • Joint stress from walking unevenly
  • Certain types of arthritis
  • Gout or similar diseases
  • Infection

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our physicians will diagnose bursitis with a physical exam, evaluation of symptoms, and imaging tests. An MRI scan may be recommended to detect a tear in the cartilage or ligament. A sample of fluid from the swollen area may be examined to rule out an infection.

Bursitis Treatment

Depending on the severity of their condition, our health care team provides patients with customized treatment plan that would include some or all of the following modalities:

Physical therapy exercises such as stretching, strengthening, or workouts to improve and maintain range of motion help treat symptoms of bursitis and prevent future recurrence.

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