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Charcot's Joint

Effective Treatment to
Ease the Symptoms of
Nerve Damage

Charcot's Joint (Neurogenic Arthropathy)

Nerve damage in the feet is common in diabetic people, which may lead to Charcot’s joint. Also called neuropathic arthropathy, this condition is most prevalent in the feet. Since there is a lack of pain sensation, it may cause unnoticed injuries to joints in the foot. Left untreated, diabetic charcot foot will affect the quality of life and even presents the risk of amputation of the limb. A leading healthcare center in Brooklyn, NY, HealthQuest provides customized treatment programs for Charcot's joint (Neurogenic Arthropathy).

Specialized in diabetic neuropathy treatments, our physicians provide focused treatment and care to prevent the symptoms of the underlying diabetic condition. Symptoms of this specific condition include painful joints, swelling or redness, numbness and changes in the appearance of the feet. The condition may appear similar to osteoarthritis as the joints are stiff and fluid accumulates in them.

Neuropathic Arthropathy

- Medical History and Physical Examination

Diagnosis and early treatment is important to minimize the bone destruction and deformity. For a thorough examination, we use advanced imaging tests such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound that can show the extent of disruption of the joint. We also use radiography method that provides information on the bone structure, alignment, and mineralization. Neurological examination will also be performed to identify the extent of sensory loss.

Charcot Foot Treatment

Based on the patient’s condition, our physician may recommend the use of custom shoes, crutches, casts and wheelchair to protect the foot. Physically stressful actions may cause pathologic fractures.

  • Physical Therapy - Physical therapy exercises can address muscle imbalances and reduce muscle contractures. Our skilled physical therapists check sensory perception, joint swelling and the status of underlying disease. Heat will be applied to relieve local pain and tenderness. We combine therapy with pain medications like analgesics to provide better pain relief. Deformity can be reduced to a great extent by restoring muscle balance.
  • Surgery - Surgery may be recommended if the foot deformity poses a high risk of ulcers, or if protective shoe wear is not effective. Surgical options include simple removal of the prominent bone or even fusion and repositioning of the bones.

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