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Delayed Onset Headaches

Motor vehicle accidents often result in headaches. Caused by injuries to the head or neck, delayed onset headache or post-traumatic headache (PTH) refers to a headache that develops within seven days of the injury or after regaining consciousness. An established healthcare center based in Brooklyn, New York City, HealthQuest provides specialized treatment and care for post-traumatic headache patients. Our focus is on improving the pain and helping patients get their life back to normal as quickly as possible.


Delayed onset headaches can occur after mild, moderate or severe injury. The chronic pain after trauma is usually the result of the contraction of the muscles of the neck and scalp. Rupture of the blood vessels and swelling of important brain structures can also lead to throbbing headaches.

Symptoms of PTH include:

  • Pain in the neck and scalp
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia or sleep loss
  • Poor concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Light/sound sensitivity

Diagnosis and Treatment

At our multispecialty pain management center in Brooklyn, neurologists work with a team of other healthcare specialists to treat patients with post-traumatic headache syndrome. Diagnosis will involve history and neurologic evaluation, and if the injury is severe, CT or MRI scans to rule out a brain hemorrhage or bleeding in the brain. Extensive testing will not be needed for mild PTH.

We treat acute and chronic delayed onset headaches with a range of proven, noninvasive modalities. These

Based on the evaluation and diagnosis, we provide PTH patients with individualized and comprehensive treatment. With our collaborative and compassionate therapeutic approach, we help patients recover from post-traumatic headaches smoothly and quickly.

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