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Fibromyalgia is a very painful condition, affecting a person's ability to perform routine activities. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are chronic, characterized by intense pain in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Pain management specialists at HealthQuest provide effective treatment for fibromyalgia patients.

Common signs and symptoms associated with fibromyalgia include:

  • Poor sleep
  • Morning stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Numbness or tingling in the extremities
  • Painful bowel disturbances
  • Multiple points of tenderness, and more

Fibromyalgia can occur by itself or might be associated with another disease or condition. The pain may appear in areas such as the back of the head, elbows, neck, upper back, and upper chest, hips, and knees. If you have any of these symptoms, seek fibromyalgia pain management treatment from HealthQuest as early as possible. We assure quality and result-oriented fibromyalgia treatment and care for all our patients.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Using a Combination of Advanced Techniques

Without a proper diagnosis, it would be impossible to formulate an appropriate treatment plan for you. To determine the severity of a particular patient’s condition, there are certain diagnostic tests which we perform. We will then recommend the appropriate treatment procedure.

At HealthQuest, we utilize a combination of medications and therapies to ensure quick relief from pain.

Our healthcare team also uses the revolutionary Game Ready cold therapy compression system with adjustable wraps to minimize inflammation, reduce pain and accelerate the healing process.

Effective Medications to Ease Your Symptoms

Depending on your condition, we also prescribe medications for easing your symptoms, thereby providing you with the much desired fibromyalgia pain relief. You will also benefit from improved sleep and respite from daytime fatigue. The medications we prescribe include: analgesics, SSRIs, NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal anti-Inflammatory Drugs), mixed reuptake inhibitors, and more.

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