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Foot Drop

Effective Treatment to
Ease the Symptoms of
Nerve Damage

Foot Drop

Foot drop, also known as drop foot, stoppage gait or equinovarus deformity is typically one of the first motor symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. This disorder occurs when the front part of the foot can't be lifted because a nerve in the leg has been damaged either by blood vessel disease or compression. Mainly caused by diabetes, the condition can also be the result of injury to muscles, stroke, or even toxic effects of drugs. HealthQuest provides customized foot drop treatment that helps in effective management of neuropathic pain. A leading multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, NY, HealthQuest provides the services of skilled and expert physical therapists, pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons and neurologists who can ensure high quality treatment and care to help improve the patient’s condition.

Symptoms of this condition include tingling, numbness and light pain in the foot and muscle atrophy in the leg. Foot drop commonly affects only one foot. However, depending upon the underlying cause, both feet can be affected.

Diabetic Foot Drop

- Diagnosis and Treatment

Our physicians diagnose this neuropathic condition through a detailed physical examination. They also use other diagnostic methods such as an X-ray, MRI, ultrasound scan or computerized tomography (CT) scan, and electromyography (EMG). Nerve conduction tests may be recommended to help locate where the affected nerve is damaged.

Our treatment for diabetic neuropathy aims at relieving discomfort and preventing further tissue and nerve damage. By implementing pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches, our physicians treat the underlying disorder, thus improving the quality of your life.


  • Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • Narcotic pain medicines
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications

Electrical Nerve stimulation - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used to improve walking ability. It helps the patient to walk faster, with less effort and more confidence.

Physical therapy - Our physical therapists can strengthen your foot, ankle and lower leg muscles with proper therapy exercises. The program helps to maintain the range of motion in your ankle and knee. It can also improve gait issues associated with foot drop.

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