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Peripheral Neuropathy

Effective Treatment to
Ease the Symptoms of
Nerve Damage

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder caused by damage to the peripheral nerves due to high blood sugar and diabetes. These nerves connect the skin, joints, muscles and internal organs to the brain and spinal cord. The pain caused by this disorder is generally described as stabbing or burning. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to control the symptoms and prevent further damage to the peripheral nerves. An established healthcare center based in Brooklyn, HealthQuest provides effective peripheral neuropathy treatment that helps to manage the pain and improve the quality of your life.

Numbness and loss of sensation are the most common symptoms of the condition. Symptoms manifest in the feet and toes. The pain may affect the functionality, mood, and sleep patterns in diabetic patients. The pain often worsens at night. This type of diabetic neuropathy can also affect the brain's ability to effectively communicate with every part of the body.

Our team of experienced neurologists, pain management specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors work together with the aim of providing patients with improved functional ability, enhanced strength and thus a pain-free life.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs for peripheral diabetic neuropathy combine chiropractic care, pain medications and physical therapy procedures.

  • Chiropractic care - With chiropractic adjustments, we treat the underlying cause of this neuropathy to help you manage the pain.
  • Pain Medications - Medications include Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS), Anti-seizure medications and certain Tricyclic antidepressants.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) - This TENS unit helps in Pain Management by using low voltage electric simulation on the affected area. It interacts with the sensory nervous system to block or reduce muscle spasm and aches.
  • Physical Therapy - We implement diverse exercise programs that help maintain mobility, improve strength and joint flexibility. Strengthening, stretching and range-of-motion exercises also help patients to improve range of motion.

Using advanced diagnostic modalities such as CT and MRI scan, our skilled neurologists will perform an evaluation based on the characteristic symptoms and signs.

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We accept Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault, and other major medical insurance plans.