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A symptom of another medical condition, sciatica pain is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve which starts in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg. The pain can vary from a mild tingling, dull ache, or burning sensation to severe and debilitating. At HealthQuest, we identify and treat the underlying cause of sciatica. Treatment at our multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, New York, can provide relief from pain and put you on the path to health and wellbeing.

Treatment for the Common Causes of

Sciatica Nerve Compression

The various disorders that cause sciatica pain are:

  • Slipped disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Pelvic injury or fracture
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Tumors

After identifying the cause of your pain, we will determine your treatment plan to relieve sciatica.

Effective Diagnosis and Treatment

To diagnose your condition, our specialists will conduct physical and neurological exams, and if necessary, imaging tests such as x-ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Once the source of your sciatica pain is identified, our team will develop a customized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of non-invasive modalities. Treatment options include:

We also use the innovative Game Ready® system cold and compression therapy to help patients manage pain, heal faster, and recover better.

Our goal is to help you achieve long-term relief from sciatica pain, improve health and physical function, and return to an active lifestyle. To schedule a consultation with our specialists, call 718-769-2521 or send an e-mail to