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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

A painful condition, shoulder impingement syndrome is commonly seen in active adults and athletes. It occurs when the soft tissues of the shoulder get injured and inflamed, or wears away, affecting the arm’s normal range of motion. HealthQuest, a leading pain management center in Brooklyn, New York, provides nonsurgical treatments to address shoulder pain and help patients regain mobility and strength.


Shoulder impingement occurs due to repetitive overhead activity of the shoulder such as in overhead sports such as swimming and tennis, and in painting and lifting. The condition can also occur due to bone and joint abnormalities. Symptoms include:

  • Widespread shoulder pain which worsens at night
  • Difficulty in extending the arm upwards
  • Difficulty in reaching up behind the back
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Loss of range of motion

Untreated, impingement syndrome can lead to rotator cuff tendinitis, increasing shoulder instability and functional problems.


At HealthQuest, an expert team of orthopedic and rehab specialists, physical therapists and pain management doctors provide comprehensive care for sports injuries. The first step is a thorough evaluation to diagnose the condition. After discussing the symptoms and medical history, a physical examination will be conducted to assess range of motion of the shoulder. While X-rays will be used to rule out conditions like arthritis, shoulder MRI will be recommended to identify inflammation in the tissues and rotator cuff. MRI is usually recommended when the first line of treatment does not provide the desired results.

Treatment Modalities

Our specialists will customize your shoulder impingement syndrome treatment based on your age, activity level, and general health.

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