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Spinal Pain

Advanced Treatment Options
for a Healthy, Pain-Free Life

Spinal Pain

Spinal pain is a common condition that nearly everyone faces at some point in life, which can interfere with work or routine daily activities. If your quality of life has deteriorated due to spine-related pains, then HealthQuest can be of assistance. A leading multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, New York, HealthQuest provides multiple treatment approaches to treat the condition.

Muscle strain and spasm are the major causes of pain. Heavy physical work, poor posture, bending and twisting, lifting, and repetitive work are the contributing factors to spine related problems.

Our team of physicians offers specialized care – from initial diagnosis to post-treatment rehabilitation – all in one convenient location. We treat a wide variety of spine conditions that interfere with an individual's quality of life.

Common Causes for

Spine Pain

Some of the possible common causes may include:

Taking into account your lifestyle and health needs, we recommend a comprehensive plan for your spine care. For pain management, we offer a variety of treatment methods that may include the latest in medications and injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

To determine the best course of treatment, proper diagnosis is paramount. To reveal the cause, thorough examinations as well as various tests are performed.

Advanced Treatment Methods

We offer advanced treatments and procedures such as:

Our healthcare team uses Game Ready computer-controlled system that combines active compression and cold therapies to help minimize pain and swelling while increasing blood flow and delivering oxygen to the spinal area.

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