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Edwin Thorne - Employee of the Month - November 2013

Congratulations to Edwin Thorne, HealthQuest’s Employee of the month for November!
Edwin Thorne, PTA

Edwin Thorne, PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant

Edwin Thorne began working at HealthQuest in 2005. From his first day, Ed has exemplified his willingness to be part of the team.  His tasks as a certified Physical Therapy Assistant range from treating patients with prescribed modalities or exercise programs, aiding in the testing of geriatric balance patients and administering the videonystagmogram, to even caring ever so diligently for the office aquarium.  Ed is consistently the first employee in the office and the last person to leave.

Ed received his training and certification at Kingsborough Community College and graduated in 2005.  His varied work experience, superb interpersonal skills, and passion for his job and the New York Mets truly brighten up the office and validate his selection as employee of the month.

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