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Free Health Analysis for Seniors

Free Health Analysis for Seniors

A leading healthcare center in Brooklyn, HealthQuest offers free health analysis for seniors living in assisted living facilities and residential facilities. If you've fallen recently or are at risk for falls, then you can attend HealthQuest's complimentary slip and fall prevention program. Our assessment programs are designed to help you know if you are at risk.

Attend Our

Complimentary Assessment Program

  • Anyone over the age of 65 who has experienced falls, or is at a high risk for falls
  • Individuals with lower extremity weakness
  • Those who experience balance problems

You will have the opportunity to meet our team of physical therapists and physicians, who will assess each of the risk factors and recommend the most appropriate exercise or balance training program to reduce the incidence of falls and fall-related injuries. Participants must closely follow the instructions and the recommended exercise regimen.

Our Team Will

  • Gather information regarding the patient’s health history, and evaluate the medical condition
  • Do a complete medication review
  • Do a complete safety assessment, and make sure whether your home is a safe place to stay
  • Suggest ways to eliminate personal hazards
  • Suggest ways to improve your balance through exercise, gait training, specialized physical therapy, and more

If you want to prevent future fall, act now! Take advantage of our free health analysis. For more details, call 718-769-2521 or email us at