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Gait Analysis

HealthQuest, the popular multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, NYC, performs computerized and reliable gait analysis as part of its slip / fall prevention services. These services help find out whether you or any elderly loved one are at risk of falling, and if there is a risk, to discover and modify the factors responsible for that risk.


Gait Analysis Equipment

to Perform the Test

In simple terms, "gait" is the pattern or manner in which a person walks. Older adults usually walk at a slower pace; their steps are shorter and not consistent in length. Independence has a direct connection to walking speed.

Our specialists perform a gait assessment using sophisticated technology, for the purpose of finding out the nature of the patient's ambulation, to detect any walking abnormalities and to see what exactly happens in his body as they make each stride. Specifically this diagnostic tool determines the following pertaining to the patient’s real-time gait:

  • Separation of footsteps in the course of shuffling, running or any other type of gait
  • Continuous patterns
  • Energy conservation
  • Muscle activity
  • External forces
  • Metabolic and mechanical efficiency
  • Coordination
  • Shock absorption

The gait analysis is also a good start to learning how to walk more confidently and safely. In addition, we provide gait training which is meant to optimize our patient’s walking capabilities. For more information about either of these services that we provide or to benefit from the same, get in touch with us at (718) 769-2521 or email us at