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Patient's Choice

The Patient's Choice (MRI) Informational Sheet

The patient-oriented Hitachi MRP system makes magnetic resonance imaging examinations easy for its patients. The MRP has a large gantry opening compared to other MRI systems. Thus, for the first time, claustrophobic patients can be imaged with no problems. For example, in a lumbar spine scan, the patient's head is not even in the magnet. In fact, the opening is large enough that pediatric patients can be imaged with a guardian next to them in the magnet.

From an operator's point of view, this large gantry opening allows easy access to the patient. The popularity of the Hitachi Magnet among patients is enhanced by a convenient table size to facilitate a transfer from beds and wheelchairs. Once the scan begins, the patient will not feel anything. Compared to other systems, it is extremely quiet. For maximum patient security, a patient/operator intercom system allows open communication between the two during the scan