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Brooklyn Knee MRI

A leading multi-specialty healthcare and diagnostic center in New York, HealthQuest uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the assessment of complex musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Our cutting-edge Brooklyn knee MRI facility provides excellent high resolution imaging using the technologically advanced AIRIS II open MRI scanner.

MRI Scan

for Accurate Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Knee Conditions

Knee MRI provides a clear picture of the condition of the joint along with the surrounding muscles, tissues and ligaments. The scan results appear as multiple sets of 3D cross-section images and help in evaluating several acute and chronic knee conditions and also in ruling out injuries and disorders. The scan results allow our physicians to easily diagnose the following conditions:

  • Knee cartilage tears
  • Fluid build-up in the knee joint
  • Knee bursitis
  • Knee joint infection
  • Knee ligament injury
  • Meniscal injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chondromalacia of the patella
  • Loose bodies within the knee

Our open MRI diagnostic modality guarantees a safe, comfortable scan without side effects or complications. It is specially designed to generate high resolution knee MRI images.

MRI on Knee

- Benefits at HealthQuest
  • Facility accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)
  • Highly qualified radiologists
  • Quiet, comfortable, non-claustrophobic scan
  • Spacious platform - ideal for size-plus patients
  • Suitable for both adults and children

Individualized Care

With advanced resources and a team of skilled and compassionate team of professionals, HealthQuest, Brooklyn, New York provides specialized care that caters to each patient’s unique needs. Our comprehensive medical evaluations help determine the right treatment solutions.

For more details on our Brooklyn knee MRI services, call 718-615-9060 or send an email to We accept Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault and other major medical insurance plans.