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Brooklyn Open MRI

HealthQuest in Brooklyn, New York offers advanced diagnostic imaging with open MRI. Our multi-specialty healthcare center provides quality rehabilitation services and care for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and our state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging system allows safe, comfortable evaluation and accurate reporting.

High Quality Images with

Open MRI Scanning

Our center is equipped with the advanced AIRIS II MRI scanner. With its ultra powerful magnet and radio frequency emissions, this system enables hi-resolution scanning. Our high performance MRI scanner can be utilized for:

By providing remarkably clear and detailed images of internal organs and tissues, this machine enables our physicians to accurately diagnose many medical conditions such as

  • Sports injuries
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Spinal conditions/injuries
  • Conditions of the brain, including tumors and dementia
  • Vascular malformations or blood vessel abnormalities
  • Soft tissue and bone pathology/conditions
Benefits of

Open MRI

at our Brooklyn Healthcare Center

MRI scan is a painless procedure. Based on the size of the area that needs to be scanned and the number of images being taken, it can last from 15 to 30 minutes. Unlike closed MRI which completely encloses the patient, open MRI offers a less confining setting. Advantages include:

  • Safe and uncomplicated scan
  • Easily scans areas that are difficult to reach
  • No risk of radiation
  • No pain or discomfort
  • No side effects or adverse reactions
  • Ideal for obese and claustrophobic patients
  • Suitable for adults and children alike
  • Comfortable scan in spacious setting
  • Low and muffled sounding scan reduces anxiety

The open platform also offers unlimited patient access, which increases scanning efficiency.

We accept Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault and other major medical insurance plans. HealthQuest is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), which indicates that our qualified and licensed radiologists adhere to the highest standards of patient care and safety.

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