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Muscle Testing Dynamometer

Enhance Your
Muscle Strength and Range
Of Motion

Muscle Testing Dynamometer

Various factors such as aging, skeletal impairments, and many disease processes can compromise muscle function. Muscle testing is a key component of initial orthopedic or neurological examinations and occupational therapy evaluation at HealthQuest, a leading multi-specialty healthcare center based in Brooklyn, New York City. Our specialists use JTECH Medical's sophisticated Commander Echo® Muscle Testing Dynamometer for the assessment of muscle strength. This is a great tool to analyze current injuries, document patient progress, update treatment protocols, and further patient education.

Assessment of muscle strength involves:

  • Manual testing to assess the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on how effectively a movement is performed in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance
  • Evaluation of hand-grip strength
Benefits of the

Commander Echo® Muscle Testing Dynamometer

HealthQuest's team includes neurologists, orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists and pain management physicians. Using this sophisticated wireless muscle strength testing dynamometer allows our specialists to:

  • Quickly and accurately quantify muscle strength
  • Identify areas of muscle weakness
  • Measure bilateral strength differences
  • Ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency for Isometric and Isotonic tests

The device's novel pop-in "quick connect" system makes changing test pads fast and easy. As the wireless console is independent of the testing device, data can be reviewed during the testing without affecting the patient's level of effort.

Efficient and timely evaluation of muscle strength helps our team to make an accurate diagnosis and determine if an injury or disability is present. It also allows them to decide if the patient can benefit from treatment and to track the effectiveness of the therapy.

Effective Support for Diagnostics and Care

This reliable muscle testing tool can assess the muscles of the scapula, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and digits, as well as grip and strength measurements. It helps us develop customized treatment plans based on each patient's specific condition. The Commander Echo® Muscle Testing Dynamometer finds application in treatment for

  • Chronic diseases such as arthritis
  • Neurological conditions
  • Orthopedics
  • Work-related and motor vehicle injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Geriatric medical care
  • Slip and Fall prevention
  • Pain management

At our pain management center in Brooklyn, our goal is to help enhance your muscle strength and range of motion and help you return to routine activity and work as quickly as possible.

We accept most major medical insurance plans as well as Medicare, No-Fault, and Workers' Compensation.

We use Commander Echo® Dual Inclinometers from JTECH Medical for range of motion testing. To learn more about these products and our personalized healthcare solutions, call 718-769-2521 or send an email to