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Our Partners

At HealthQuest, we value partnerships. We embrace partnerships that will enhance our reputation and provide opportunities to make a big difference. We understand that every geographic region has its own set of requirements. HealthQuest is proud to be a part of Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. We strive to provide the best services for the community. We are focused on developing a strong relationship with various marketing partners that will help boost our services and solutions to better meet our clients' needs.

Our Marketing Partner

Injured Call Today

Injured Call Today is a free online resource guide that can help you find and make an appointment with top doctors specializing in treating patients with injuries sustained as a result of a work accident, slip and fall, or a car accident. You can find a listing for HealthQuest facility by clicking here.


JWiz is a popular Jewish website, guide and directory, offering online marketing solutions to business communities since 1989. JWiz's aim is to connect local businesses to Jewish consumers in their geographic area such as Brooklyn and the surrounding areas.

Local Gold

Local Gold is a full service digital marketing agency that provides effective and affordable marketing systems for health care and home services industry professionals. They specialize in providing total marketing solutions for local businesses. Their mission is to simplify the process for small businesses to leverage NEW technology, marketing automation & media to drive industry leading results.

Brooklyn Daily

Brooklyn Daily is the website ( of Courier-Life newspapers, Brooklyn's largest group of weekly community newspapers.

Bay News is the flagship newspaper of Courier Life Publications and Community News Group - the borough's largest chain of community weeklies. It covers news and events in Sheepshead Bay, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Kings Highway, Manhattan Beach, and Midwood.


MedResponsive is a professional digital marketing agency providing customized online marketing solutions specifically for the healthcare sector. Their branding and comprehensive services allow healthcare clients to plan their online presence, implement the right marketing strategies and gain optimal customer engagement.

MedResponsive services include website design, medical SEO, paid search management, healthcare content creation, medical ecommerce solutions and application development.