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Pain Fiber Nerve Conduction Study (pf-NCS Testing)

At HealthQuest, our multi-specialty healthcare center in Brooklyn, NYC we provide advanced, safe and effective pain fiber nerve conduction study (pf-NCS Testing) for accurate localization, quantification and identification of nerve root lesions responsible for pain. pf-NCS testing overcomes the limitations of EMG (Electrical Muscle Graph) and NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity) tests.

Why Go for



This comprehensive neuro-diagnostic test provides a rapid, non-invasive, highly objective and pain-free way to measure sensory threshold. Many patients find it difficult to localize the source of pain to the correct nerve root level. The pf-NCS test compares right to left while singling out the nerve root lesions, providing for pinpoint can deliver the right treatment to the right area for successful treatment outcomes.

Unusually high NCS measures from the test suggest considerable nerve conduction loss while unusually low NCS measures suggest a hyperesthetic condition that is associated with regenerating, irritated or inflamed nerves. If the results from testing are positive, it indicates objective qualification for the patient's symptoms in addition to the patient’s stated disability or incapacity to go about his daily living and/or work routine.

Other Benefits

Pain fiber nerve conduction study:

  • Is more precise to spinal nerve root while quantifying lesion numerically from slight to severe while ruling out malingering.
  • Allows earlier identification of radiculopathy and neuropathy than with SSEP, NCV and EMG. EMG is reliant on nerve demyelination/degeneration which takes weeks or even months to spot and even when it is detected, only 1/5th of the tests carried out is positive.
  • Is easy to use and safe.

If you suffer from pain, you may be a candidate for pf-NCS testing available at HealthQuest. You can also benefit from our expert pain management, chiropractic or other treatment options. To know more, dial 718-769-2521. Or email your queries to

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