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Brooklyn Back Pain Management

A continuously aching back is something that needs urgent attention. At HealthQuest, a superior pain management clinic in Brooklyn, we offer effective back pain management services. If your back pain is bothering you badly, that means, it’s time for you to consult an expert practitioner.

Pain Management Treatment

Focusing on the Root Cause of Backaches

Damages or injuries to the bones, discs, tendons, ligaments or the spinal nerves might be the reason for your severe back pain. Individuals with lumbar muscle strain, spinal stenosis, lumbar spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis or osteoporosis are likely to have severe back pain. Patients at HealthQuest are thoroughly diagnosed before formulating a treatment modality for back pain management. Here we focus on the root cause of your backache and attempt to eliminate that totally so that you are relieved from back pain.

Individualized, Result-oriented Treatment

Physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, back pain management specialists and doctors, chiropractors, orthopedic and neurological surgeons join hands to provide effective personalized treatment for the patients in our pain management clinic. The therapists teach the patients both physical and mental exercises and other relaxation techniques. Our physical therapy program includes body mechanics to improve body strength and functionality. Trigger point injection, ESI/ epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections and a host of other treatment methods we implement here are helpful to relieve pain. Massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and many more modalities are included in the treatment procedure at HealthQuest.

Conquer your back pain utilizing HealthQuest’s superior back pain management services in Brooklyn. We are at your service, always; you can contact us on phone at 718-769-2521 or by email at