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Brooklyn Pain Management Specialists

HealthQuest, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Brooklyn is equipped with a team of highly qualified, experienced pain management specialists. At HealthQuest, we are committed to providing specialized medical care in a responsive, multi-disciplinary, and friendly environment.

Detailed Pain Analysis for Proper Treatment

The specialists at our pain management clinic utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the fundamental cause of the pain. Their treatment packages combine rehabilitation services with therapeutic and chiropractic manipulation to ensure effective and faster recovery from pain.

Treatment for Acute and Chronic Pain

Our experts have solutions for different kinds of acute and chronic pain such as somatic, visceral, and neuropathic. They offer specialized pain treatment for chronic cancer pain, headache pain, back pain, and pain in the shoulder or knee. We also provide customized chronic pain management for relief from pain associated with tissue damage, inflammation and various infections.

Services of Experienced

Pain Management Specialists

The specialists at our Brooklyn facility perform a thorough scrutiny of patient medical records to get information about their medical history and previous treatment. Such analyses help them decide what treatment works best with a particular patient. In addition to reducing the pain and stiffness in different parts of the body, their solutions help restore normal body functionality.

We accept all major medical insurance plans including Medicare, No-Fault and Workers Compensation for our pain management services. For more information on HealthQuest and our pain management specialists, please call 718-769-2521 or send an email to