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Professional Staffs

Professional Staff - Edwin J. Thorne

Edwin J. Thorne

Edwin J. Thorne
Physical Therapist Assistant

Edwin J. Thorne began working at HealthQuest in 2005. He is a certified physical therapy assistant, and received his training and certification from Kingsborough Community College. His varied work experience, superb interpersonal skills, and passion for his job and the New York Mets truly brighten up the office.

Edwin J. Thorne is an intrinsic part of the HealthQuest team. His service at HealthQuest range from treating patients with prescribed modalities or exercise programs, aiding in the testing of geriatric balance patients and administering the videonystagmogram, to even caring diligently for the office aquarium.

He has been working as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Mattia Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Brooklyn, N.Y from 6/2001 to the present providing all aspects of treatment to patients on an individual basis. Serving as a physical therapy assistant, he also reviews patient improvement and helps them progress through the treatment plan.

Clinical Affiliations

  • Queensboro Physical Therapy, 114-20 Rockway Blvd. Queens, N.Y. 01/2004 - 03/2004
    • Provided all aspects of treatment under the supervision of a Physical Therapist
    • Reviewed patient progress and progressed them through the treatment plan.
  • Sephardic Home for the Aged, 2266 Cropsey Ave Brooklyn, N.Y. 06/2004 - 08/2004
    • Provided all aspects of treatment under the supervision of a Physical Therapist as well as worked in unison with all members of a multidisciplinary team.

His hobbies and interests include camping, fishing, traveling, spending time with his girlfriend, and spending time at Shea Stadium.