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Slip and Fall Prevention

Prevent Injuries from
Slips and Falls

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Slip and Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors. Fortunately, geriatric falls are predictable and preventable. A leading healthcare center located at Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, HealthQuest provides slip/fall prevention program to help seniors improve the quality of their life.

Risk factors for falls can be physical or environmental. Physical factors include unsteady gait and balance, weak muscles, poor vision, medications, and dementia. Environmental factors that contribute to the risk of falling are those that make the home environment unsafe such as slippery surfaces and poor lighting.

Our program is designed to:

  • Determine if you are at risk to fall
  • Identify the factors that put you at risk
  • Modify the risk factors
  • Improve mobility
  • Help maintain independence

Our comprehensive slip/fall prevention program adheres to the clinical practice guidelines of the American Geriatric Society. It consists of an initial evaluation that takes 45 minutes, and if required, 12 visits (1 hour each) over six weeks.

Fall Risk Assessment and Conditioning Program

Our six-week program, managed by geriatric care specialists, pain management physicians and orthopedists, is designed to reduce the risk of falls among the elderly. Participation in the program is based on physician referral.

Fall Risk Assessment

A series of tests are performed to identify the physical as well as environmental factors that put the person at the risk of falling. Physical factors such as patient’s muscular strength, balance, walking speed, step length, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness are evaluated. Our risk assessment includes:

  • General health questions
  • Tests of blood pressure and heart rate
  • Balance test
  • Walking test
  • Knee and ankle strength test


Once the evaluation is complete, the conditioning part of the program is implemented. This involves developing customized solutions to modify the physical and environmental risks of falling.

  • Biodex Isokinetic Testing and exercise to improve ankle and leg strength
  • Dynamic Balance Testing and Training to help maintain physical balance even under challenging conditions
  • Gait Testing and Training to manage walking speed and step length

Our team also provides participants with home safety tips to eliminate the fall risk factors in their homes or surroundings such as poor lighting, slippery / uneven floors, unstable step stool, cluttered walkways and storage areas.

Participate in our Fall Risk Assessment and Conditioning Program – Before Fall. We provide complimentary slip and fall prevention program for seniors.

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