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Special New Year Offers

New Year Special Discounts at HealthQuest

Most of us make a New Year resolution to improve our health, but many of us fail to keep it. A little support in the form of health programs could help. Consider the wellness programs HealthQuest offers to help you meet your goals to stay healthy and fit.

An experienced multi-specialty healthcare center, based in Brooklyn, New York, every year we offer huge discounts on our special programs.

This year’s discount applies to Weight Loss/Smoking Cessation programs!

Get the Most Out Of Our Wellness Programs

Smoking Cessation

25% off the usual $199! We offer this program now at $150 for all six sessions.

We offer this for $275, for people who wish to come in for treatment as a group of two.

Weight Loss

We offer this program at $350 for all six sessions (normally $400).

If people are coming for this program as a group of two, we will offer this at $600 (normally $700).

Here’s something more!

Get 10% off on Custom Foot Levelers Orthotics!

We provide custom orthotics from Foot Levelers that help to

  • Improve foot alignment
  • Restore the right body posture and balance
  • Preserve the body’s optimal foot-spine connection

These offers are valid through January 2019!

It’s not late! Plan your New Year resolution soon!

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