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Sports Injuries and Conditions

Sports Injuries and Conditions

While exercising regularly is highly recommended, injuries may occur during sporting activities and exercise. While most sports injuries are due to accidents, poor training practices, or improper gear, even repetitive physical activity such as walking can injure muscles and joints. HealthQuest, an established rehabilitation center based in Brooklyn, New York, provides effective treatment for a wide range of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Our goal is to reduce pain, restore the injured area to normal function, enable return to sports, and prevent further injury.

Our sports medicine team includes experienced orthopedic specialists, pain management physicians, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide comprehensive care and optimal treatment for even complex injuries.

Sports Injuries

We Treat

We provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs to treat several types of sports injuries:

Sports Injury Treatment at HealthQuest

With focus on early injury recognition and treatment, the first step is a detailed assessment of the patient’s posture, muscle strength, muscle tightness and stability using advanced diagnostic modalities such as X-ray or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Once the nature of the injury is identified, the patient is provided with a customized treatment plan.

Most sports injuries can be treated using non-surgical techniques. Surgery may be necessary only for severe injuries. Our treatment modalities include the following



  • Knee ligament surgery
  • Surgery for a broken arm, wrist, ankle, or leg

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